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People You Can Trust - The Prowash Family

Family owned and operated for twenty years, we understand what it takes to satisfy our customers. Prowash treats others the way we would want to be treated, and we do what we say when we tell you that we always give you the highest quality possible and if something goes wrong and Prowash can't deliver...  you don't pay! Prowash can clean just about anything and we are willing to do whatever it takes to meet your needs. 
Call us at anytime to discuss your home or project at 417-840-5051.

Affordable pricing

Prowash works hard to give our clients estimates that are fair. We understand you work hard for your money just like we do!
Honesty and integrity If we damage your property or can't give you the service you deserve for whatever reason we will let you know! 
Insurance and work comp We protect your hard earned investment and can be provided or modified at anytime to meet your needs!
Quality and reliability We do what you say when you say and make it look as close to new as you can!
Satisfaction Gauranteed Prowash promises to make a remarkable difference that meets your approval or you don't pay!

Local churches trust Prowash and so can you!
Give us the priviledge and honor  to serve you and you will be treated like a neighbor.
Betty Skinner