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Banking -  Restaurants - Apartments - Buildings

Banking Services        Drive-thrus, Entryways and  Buildings  free of dirt, mildew, gum, grease, oil, and grime will impress customers and make them and your employees feel better about doing business with you! 

Keep ATM's, Dropboxes, and Windows sparkling clean and hand sanitized using the finest cleaners and disinfectants.

Our unique  Eco-Safe Steam Vac safely removes oil and grease from premises and is properly discharged at the nearest treatment facility!                                          

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 Restaurant Services Sidewalks, Drive-thrus, Awnings, Trash pads,  Building Exteriors and Entrance Storefronts need to be kept properly maintained on a regular basis using the professional steam cleaning services of Prowash, Inc. 

 Fully Insured and Licensed to handle   any cleaning challenge you face Prowash has the experience needed to keep your establishment consistently cleaned and refreshed ensuring customer appreciation and loyalty. 

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Property Management Services 

Includes Office Buildings, Strip Mall Sidewalks, Storefronts, Apartment Buildings, and Breezeways - siding or stucco.  Parking Garages can be Exterior and Interior Steamed cleaned using pressure washers as well as rider sweeper scrubbers to deep clean grease spots and collect waste water. Trust Prowash to keep your property properly maintained!  

Buildings of all types can be high or low pressured steam cleaned to like new! 

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