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Inside & Out  Fleet Cleaning

Exterior Washing & Interior Detailing of fleet vehicles is our specialty. Our exterior hand wash and brush system will remove all dirt, bugs and grime while our 100% spot-free filtration will leave your paint and windows free from harmful hard water spots!  Interiors look new with carpet extraction,vinyl scrub, shine and sparkling windows

If you own a fleet of company vehicles or a commercial truck or car dealership, you know the importance of keeping your  inventory clean. There are many reasons for each type of business that demands your cars, trucks and equipment stay in top condition. Whether it is to uphold the company image or to give customers the best possible first impression, it just has to be done and done regularly.  Do it with Prowash!

Ask about Waste Water Recovery.

When washing fleets of vehicles on a wide scale, time is of the essence. If your delivery trucks or sales vehicles are sitting instead of moving, then you're losing money and getting behind schedule. If you are presenting dirty cars and trucks to the public, potential buyers may look elsewhere. This is why outsourcing the task to an experienced mobile fleet washing company is such a smart business decision. The professionals at ProWash can come to your place of business and clean all of your vehicles in record time without damaging your paint or lettering. So limit your liability, increase your profits, and improve your image with ProWash

Sure you could appoint someone to do the work inhouse, but that also makes you responsible for work schedules and liable for that person, plus any time they spend cleaning is time away from their normal work duties. You will also have to deal with the equipment and cleaners, along with maintenance costs. A wiser move is to keep your staff doing what they are productive at and hire an expert who is productive in the cleaning industry. Let the professionals at ProWash, Inc. keep your fleet looking it's best while you focus on your bottom line.


 It's not bad for your image either !